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Sorting out your cable management can be a theraputic job which can make your appliances much easier to use! Here are our favourite tips for cable tidying and cable management.

  1. Use labels to ID your plugs: crawling around under a desk to rearrange your power strip is much easier when you know what each of the plugs are for!  You can simply use a sticky label on each plug to indicate which appliance or power source the plug is for to save you pulling them out unneccessarily.
  2. Use wraps to shorten long cords: You can even make your own cable wraps using a strip of rubber mat and some scissors!
  3. Re-usable cable ties! Yes these do exist! They are called millipede cable ties and can be used over again.  Velcro ties are also a good option
  4. Make a cable hiding charger point using a shoe box.
  5. Use foam pipe insulation to conceal cables!
  6. Use an old toilet roll tube to store long extension leads.

Post Author: john deede