Changing Power Usage Habits For Ever

We take the supply of electricity for granted . . . .  For younger folk there is rarely the concern that the power will go off, and if it does, it’s not often for more than a few minutes at a time.   In the 1970s this country, and most of the world, had to put up with a very story.  Power cuts and the national grid rationing the power output to localised stations was an ongoing thing for several months after the six day war in the middl east disrupted oil supplies to our power supplies.    Again,  in 1979 the coal miners’ strike shut  power stations with the national grid limiting output.   We were reduced to working 3 day weeks and it was catastrophic for everyone.   Now we must again cut right back for ever – to save the planet.   Swapping to saver tariffs an using white good during the off peak periods is very helpful – using a simple plug in timer.  Installing solar panels etc. all make us appreciate this unseen but vital commodity.