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Gel/Jelly Filled Teeing, UB2A Half Tap Cable Connector Crimps x 20

3M Scotchlok UB2A Half Tap,Teeing on Gel/Jelly Filled Crimps.
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Product Code : TEE20GEL
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3M SCOTCHLOK UB2A 20 x 2 way teeing/half tap crimps.(cwi8c)
They work just like any other gel crimp,you push the wires in then squeeze down with pliers.
The difference is with these,you can connect a new wire into an existing and/or working circuit and not interfere with it.
Can be used in any low voltage application including,gate automation,security systems and LED's.
By positioning the UB2A on the conductor and pre-crimping, the conductor is prevented from slipping out of the connector before the crimp is completed. A thin membrane molded into the tap wire entry port also assists the installer by securing the tap wire until the crimp is completed.A factory-installed sealant insulates against corrosion, and seals out moisture.
The UB2A permits tapping directly onto an existing conductor without interrupting service.

Fast and easy to work with the UB2A accepts 19-26 AWG (0.9 mm- 0.4 mm) plastic-, paper-, or pulp- insulated solid copper wire with a maximum O.D. of .082" (2.08 mm). The wires joined can be of different wire gauges.

50 x UB2A

2 Way Gel/Jelly Filled Crimps