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Openreach NTE5C 2017 Tooless Master Socket

Openreach NTE5C 2017 Tooless Master Socket
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This brand new 2017 BT NTE5c Master Socket Linebox replaces the long established BT NTE5a Master Socket. No special tools are needed to connect the NTE5c to your existing wiring because It uses ‘Cam’ style connections, it is therefore ideal for DIY installation.
Most notably, the new NTE5  from BT Openreach, features a clip on front panel – removable without using any special tools. If you want to remove the front panel to disconnect your own extension wiring or to carry out a line test simply grip both sides, press and pull forwards.

Termination for the incoming telephone line is via a Cam style connector needing no special tools to connect the wires. The Cam connector is lifted by pulling back with your thumb, then the telephone wire (not stripped) is inserted into the clear Cam. Once fully inserted, applying firm pressure on the cam locks the wire into place and makes the connection, simple!

When running your own telephone extension cable you terminate this in the same way via the Cam connector on the front of the rear section of the NTE5c Master Socket.

NTE5C Fitting Instructions