Solitaire To Poker AI Totally Cracks It

There have been so many advances in science ad technology we hardly notice new stuff coming along now.  It just arrives without fanfare and we absorb its affects.  One area though that does excite many is Artificial Intelligence . .  We are seeing so many more tasks and manufacturing relying on this incrdible invention.  The latest headline grabber is the ability to crack the game of poker.  It seems AI has finally cracked its final challenge, the texas hold’em.   Usig games is a good way for many new ides to be tested .  Decades ago when my job was getting its first computers, the only training we had was being told to play solitaire and other simple games on our desk tops, to get us used to handling the mouse and interactivity with the machine.  It was somewhat less challenging than poker but to me, it took much concentration  So basic but just another science & technology milestone.